iOS 7 and education

iOS 7 provides powerful new ways to configure and deploy devices across institutions and features to help schools purchase, distribute and manage apps with ease. App Store license management, seamless enrollment in mobile device management (MDM) and single sign on are just some of the capabilities in iOS 7 that make it ideal for education.

  • lucascott

    I still see no answer to one very big issue. Apple IDs require you to be 13 years old. And parents aren’t going to be keen to let Junior know the family account password as that means he can buy anything he wants.

    Right now the solution is lie about the kids age. Not a good one.

    There needs to be a solution for a student ID that can be restricted on the ID level until the kid is 18 and then it converts to a full adult account.

    • mikey

      Beyond education this is an issue Apple must tackle. The teenagers and even pre-teens who began using iTunes in the beginning are in their 20s. In fact, some of those “kids” have kids of their own who will be using iTunes in a few years. Family accounts, where child was a sub account to adults are problematic when kids no longer live at home. As iTunes accounts become generational the one-dimensional view is not cumbersome. There needs to be a way to manage these accounts. I think these are different sides to the same coin, but I agree that Apple needs to build robust account management into the iTunes account system.

    • dan

      From the link in Jim’s post: “now schools will have a program to facilitate Apple obtaining verifiable parental consent for personal Apple IDs for students under age 13.”

      This is hugely important for school deployments.

  • Joseph Blake

    I was an IT administrator for a decent sized college within a university until a few months ago. With this news, Apple just won the war for tablets in education. These changes fix just about every nagging issue with regards to manageability in an educational environment.