Benjamin: A Franklin style task manager for iPhone

Benjamin is a task manager based on the FranklinCovey method of time management. Built specifically to help replace your heavy Franklin Planner, Benjamin stores your master task list, daily task lists, projects, and daily notes so they are always at your fingertips. Best of all, Benjamin lets you sync your information between iPhone and iPad so that it’s conveniently available whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

I remember using the paper version of this. Of course, it didn’t sync and correcting entries was a pain. This looks good.

  • brlittle

    Ten bucks I can work with, no sweat. Ten bucks plus a monthly sync charge? No thanks. Razor, blades, etc.

  • Dan

    +1 – What Brittle said

  • reallyronswanson

    Wow. 34 bucks for ONE app to use for one year with sync? Dalrymple and Gruber must think people really pay that much for apps. I wasted my money on buying Vesper, which was overpriced at $5 for a simple note taking app without sync. These guys are ridiculously jaded.

  • Mikey

    OK, my initial reaction was the same as those below, but after some thought, this seems to be more of an expression of the “app mentality” than of the app itself. If the app does what the Physical planner does for organizing my life, then that is a drop in the bucket. Replacing the physical planners, IIRC, was over $100/yr and we gladly did it. Are we stuck in the fact that $4 of paper is worth 20x depending on what’s printed on it, but think anything more than 99 cents for virtual bits is a rip off?

    What I really want to know is if the app does what’s advertised. I’ve yet to find an app that does what my FP did for keeping helping get the most use of my time. $34 is about 15 minutes of my billable time. If the app saves me 1 minute a day it’s paid for itself in 3 weeks.

    But the app has to work. My wish is Apple would offer a trial version of apps. I’ve probably spent over $100 on productivity apps that aren’t worth a shit.

    That’s the real crime.

  • Moeskido

    Nice typeface.

  • John Gault

    Mickey has it right; thus the real question is does it work? Specifically, does it synch to a PC/Mac for archiving and printing. Looks like “no”, which could make this a non-starter


    For FP devotees, the ability to plan forward (roll tasks) is a must. How does the app handle this?


    Any answers out there?