NetNewsWire RSS beta available

You can read Black Pixel’s thoughts on the beta or just go download it.

  • E K

    Like! Though it seemed to have dropped the ability to download enclosures which I loved a lot in V3

  • Was always a fan of NNW, but Feedly has me completely happy. Web-based desktop reader and a great iOS app, and the sync has worked perfectly for me.

  • Eric Dannewitz

    I don’t understand this program. Is it yet another “service” with an app for RSS feeds? Except it is solely run on our mac?

    Seems a step backwards to me. I’d rather have something like NewsBlur or Feedly where there is something else that is going out and fetching all my feeds (nearly 900 sites now) and then I can use my iOS app, or OS X app, or web browser and read the articles and the service keeps it in sync.

    I happily paid $24 for a year of NewsBlur. Don’t really like the iOS apps, but the service has been rock solid and is as fast as Google Reader ever was in fetching feeds.