Website sidebars are garbage

Eric E. Anderson:

Dumping a bunch of stuff into a sidebar doesn’t make you a blogger. Nor does it make your website more useful.

Anderson brings up some good points. I’ve tried to keep the information in the sidebar on The Loop very minimal, but there’s still more than what I’d like. This is the next project I’ll be tackling with The Loop’s design.

  • I don’t want to go in much detail here. But please don’t forget that we know that woman do see the content related sidebar. Why? Because they see more information when they surfing the web. It just a fact. That’s a problem with is men. We think, because we don’t see them, it’s the truth.

    Most interesting is. Websites for men shouldn’t have a sidebar. In this case “The Loop” should eliminate the sidebar on the right and put it to the bottom.

    An argument too to put a sidebar to the bottom: it’s easier for responsive design.

    Most interesting fact is, when you put the sidebar to the left, to promote the content people will ignore it after a while. Eye tracking show this to us.

    After all, to sum it up. He is all right, but didn’t go deep enough.

    • gjgustav

      Please explain why “it’s just a fact” that women see more of the sidebar.

      I’d also love to hear your explanation why The Loop is “for men.”

    • If your content is important, a sidebar is a distraction to anyone who sees it.

      That women are more likely to look (assuming they are) would make it more important to eliminate. You do not put stuff on your page just to distract from your message. If you care about your message, you focus on it.

      I’m not very happy with my current website, but this is one thing I’m happy with.

  • The point of that article was to get people to think about their sidebar and the content therein. I’m glad to know it’s got you thinking. My job is done here.