Apple owns the future of mobile

Apple owns the future of mobile devices, not because it has erected a near monopoly market position protected by major barriers to entry like IBM in 1970s or Microsoft’s DOS and Windows in the 80s and 90s or Google’s search and Adobe’s Flash in the 2000s; Apple sells its products within a very diverse and openly competitive market and maintains minority unit market share in smartphones.

It just happens that Apple is making the vast majority of all the profits in mobile hardware, software, media and services. And the mobile segment happens to have much brighter prospects than the rest of the consumer technology market, particularly WinTel PCs.

Very well thought out and lengthy article from Daniel Eran Dilger.

  • Karthik Prabhu

    Like your liking of the lengthy article 🙂 It made sense to me 🙂

  • TonyC

    Daniel Dilger always had fresh ideas, great insights and well researched articles. It’s just confusing why he is a regular on Gene Steinberg’s show.

    • Marcus

      So are Jim and Peter!

      I just wish Gene give up on this idea that the aTV will be the box to tie all your other living room boxes together. Apple doesn’t want to be the hub for all your devices. It wants to be the ONLY device [outside of the TV].

      • rattyuk

        Heads up: Gene Steinburg is not Gene Munster.

    • Moeskido

      Now, now. Gene Steinberg probably makes a very nice living indeed, entertaining the kinds of older people who huddle around their AM radio while preparing for one apocalypse or another.

  • Moeskido

    Dilger started out writing about Apple and its detractors with a great deal of occasionally shrill, partisan rhetoric, which he’s toned down over the years.

    • He certainly was a fanboys fanboy. And he is the King of Incomprehensigraphs.

      • Moeskido

        He did on occasion dish some great gossip about Apple’s struggle to keep Microsoft at bay.

  • mac4ever

    Als long as posters have a real go at each other here, Apple is vivid.

    The new MacPro is a challenging and provoking piece of hardware and it will be sold better than many expect.

    Stocks are future expectations only. I have no doubt about a rebound.

  • DanielSw

    Apple DESERVES to own the future of mobile. Its iPhone signaled the dawn of a recognizable Apple ecosystem The iPhone was the first truly innovative mobile device, along with its iOS and its SDK.

    When I had a look at the first iPhone, I wondered how in the world competitors would be able even meet, to say nothing of improve upon it.

    I think DED has assessed well the rather sorry state of those competitors’ respective mobile offerings.

  • Geoff

    Apple rules the world and will continue to do so forever because they make the greatest stuff and have the most money. WinTel Sucks. Windows phone sucks. Android/Google sucks the most and will never make money.

    Same story as every other fanboi site. But longer.

    • mdelvecchio

      can you please quote the lines where he says the other OSes suck or that Android will never make money? or are you just making that up? because what i read was most more nuanced and said very different things.