Use a beer cooler to cook steak perfectly

Mind. Blown. [Via Lifehacker]

  • Moeskido

    Shake ‘n’ Boil. Interesting.

  • Odi Kosmatos

    Thanks for posting this!

  • Ron Miller

    I have the same Sous Vide machine in this video, and I can vouch for the delicious steaks that it creates! One thing that isn’t mentioned in the video is that sous vide can also melt away the gristle leaving even cheap cuts of steak incredibly tender! I’m not sure that this would work in a beer cooler … I usually leave my steaks in the machine for 24 hours.

    • Haggersnash

      I also have the Sous Vide Supreme and love it. Yes: long, low & slow is great for breaking down collagen and tenderizing tougher cuts. I’ve gone as long as 72 hours for things like beef cheeks.

  • gerard

    Easier way (or at least faster): Sear in skillet and move to 200° oven to finish. SousVide does work well for delicate foods and when you want to hold at cooked temp for a long time to tenderize (wet BBQ.

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  • Thanks for posting.

    Also: Science bitches!

  • I made a steak using this method this evening. I had a 1″ thick New York Strip. Used a seal top plastic bag and a six-pack cooler. Added water at 130° and left it for 45 minutes. Seared in a cast iron skillet for a little over a minute a side and added some char with a propane torch. Best steak I ever cooked at home.