Apple warns of “chilling effect” in e-book trial decision

If Apple was found guilty, it would “send shudders through the business community” by condemning the ordinary negotiations that companies undertake to enter new markets, the company’s lawyer, Orin Snyder, said on the last day of the trial.

“We submit a ruling against Apple on this record sets a dangerous precedent,” Snyder said.

  • Aaron Brager
  • lucascott

    The only part of any of this that I found distasteful is the Most Favored Nation bit. Yeah I know that everyone does it, even Amazon. But I don’t agree with it. I feel like companies should be free to negotiate their own deals and pricing with no regard for what the other teams are up to. Or at least limit it so that timed discounts like someone marking down something for a few days or offering it in a Starbucks Book of the Week is excluded.

    The publishers were so against Amazon’s style then they could have changed the rules to limit how low Amazon could price things or just pulled out of Amazon all together.

  • I think it is a must. Apple intimidated and broke their own rules (restricting apps from the app store unless they complied w/ Apple’s desires). A not guilty will let them get away with it leaving the door open for it to happen again.

    Lessons must be learned, IMHO.