Inside Digg’s race to build the new Google Reader


Look, the Internet is made of fast. You go fast or you die. But lost in the Clouds of bullshit and hype there’s this true thing: The internet is a technology that can connect us instantaneously to all sorts of information. That instant access lets us learn and connect and transact in entirely new ways.This is the story of how how a tiny team took 90 days to pull off the impossible.

It will be interesting to see if Digg can pull it off.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    I don’t understand why we still need RSS readers when we have apps like Flipboard and Zite out there. I switched from Google reader to both these apps a while ago and like them a lot more.

    • I understand completely. You want and need different things from an RSS reader than say, I do. Those apps work well for you. I find them awful and cluttered.

    • Marc Plus

      By itself, Flipboard restricts you to a few sources of their choosing. RSS readers give you much more freedom to access independent content that can’t be found in Flipboard source list.

      I like Flipboard a lot, but I use it to connect to my Google Reader account and have the content from the sources I’ve chosen. If there’s no other way to get RSS sources into Flipboard, I’ll probably stop using it and look for alternatives.

    • quietstorms

      Flipboard is essentially an RSS feed. It syncs with Google Reader while providing its own feed of content.

      If Flipboard had a Mac client I would switch. Since it doesn’t, I have to look to an alternative.

  • Feedly beat them to it, and it works well. Plus, they’re offering access to it to other apps.

  • I mostly read feeds from my iPhone and now that Reeder has local feeds I am not so worried. Hopefully it makes it to the OS X and iPad versions of the app soon. I do like to read from those devices every now and then as well.

    Better yet if Reeder would allow fetching of feeds through Digg or Feedly that would be even better.