Advertisers upset with Firefox for limiting tracking of users

The maker of the popular Firefox browser is moving ahead with plans to block the most common forms of Internet tracking, allowing hundreds of millions of users to eventually limit who watches their movements across the Web, company officials said Wednesday.

Firefox’s developers made the decision despite intense resistance from advertising groups, which have argued that tracking is essential to delivering well-targeted, lucrative ads that pay for many popular Internet services.

It should be the user’s decision. If they don’t mind, fine.

  • quietstorms

    TV ads never targeted me but it seems to work out well for networks and the NFL.

    • qka

      Maybe you don’t understand targeting?

      • mdelvecchio

        i think quietstorms is saying “Big deal if the ad companies don’t have access to cookies/targeting. TV ads don’t have the ability to target and they’re doing fine.”

  • KvH

    The setting they’re complaining about, 3rd party cookies, have been turned off by default in Safari since it shipped.