Microsoft does 180 on Xbox One online requirements, used games

In a late breaking news story, Microsoft today announced due to feedback from the Xbox and gaming community they have changed “certain policies” regarding their controversial digital-rights management features of the upcoming Xbox One.

Microsoft waded into a shark-filled public relations pool with the Xbox One when they indicated that the device needed to stay online and that some method might be used to lock out used games unless gamers paid an additional fee. They should have seen it coming. It was just fucking stupid.

Hopefully this will keep the Xbox One from being another Surface – something no one wants.

  • Mother Hydra

    THAT was quick. Wasn’t there anyone inside Microsoft with the brainworms to question this policy prior to the unveiling? It’s as if they walked around with dog shit on their shoes making little muddy tracks all over E3. Everyone in the games press was focused on the shit they stepped in, marginalizing all the positive, cool games and tech behind the console. Why ruin such a golden opportunity is what I’m asking myself. After all, a console release is only every 7-10 years. Plus, I’d argue, this may be the last BIG console launch for the console gaming industry because who knows what that landscape will look like another 7-10 years down the road.

  • ort888

    Selling games that can’t be resold or traded with anyone else? That’s downright draconian… I can’t imagine anyone getting behind a platform like that and… WAIT A MINUTE…

    • Ralph Kruse

      Yes, Microsoft was trying to bring something like Steam’s licensing model to Xbox. Too bad console gamers don’t share the same mentality PC gamers do. I think Microsoft was wrong to try to change that by force with the Xbox One and I think that’s what this was all about.

  • Ralph Kruse

    Guess we should call it the Xbox One-Eighty now.