L.A. school board OKs $30 million for Apple iPads

Apple Inc. won a $30-million contract Tuesday from the L.A. Unified School District, paving the way for the company to provide every student with an iPad in the nation’s second-largest school system.

The Board of Education voted 6 to 0 on Tuesday to approve the contract after hearing senior staff laud Apple’s product as both the best in quality and the least expensive option that met the district’s specifications.

This is great news for students.

  • Peter Cohen

    I guess this makes up a little bit for the Maine Technology Learning Initiative walking away from Macs.

  • Jeff Zugale

    I want to be happy about this. I really, really do. Conceptually this is definitely the right thing to do.

    However, having some inside knowledge of how LAUSD works, this is going to be a real mess for a few years. The execution of this is likely to be shockingly poor, for a wide and complex variety of reasons.

    For instance, the kind of IT infrastructure and staffing to make this work well has been all but eliminated from most of the schools. The teachers have been struggling just to handle the computers and networks they already have, they don’t have time to admin literally thousands of persistently-networked devices per school. Pretty much guarantee the existing wireless network access points will be instantly overwhelmed.

    Plus, sadly, something like 25% of the iPads will simply disappear, even if each student is given the thing to keep for their whole 4 years.

    Well… baby steps, I guess. I hope it winds up being cheaper than all the textbooks they keep having to buy.

    • the_other_stevejobs

      85% of the budget of california government schools goes to teacher and administrator salaries and benefits… teachers and administrators who are, on average, the highest paid state educators in the Big Education industry out of 50 states.

      And, of course,no industry has seen higher inflation (not oil, not medical) in the US than Big Education.

  • Jack

    I hope part of this contract is about Apple providing ongoing support and training. I’d love to see this succeed wildly.

  • the_other_stevejobs

    As a product of LAUSD (for high school only), i can tell you this. In LAUSD, these iPads will be stolen (sold), broken, destroyed with graffiti, used for porn in class, left at home, and otherwise used for anything other than learning.

    Sorry. Let me say that for those who may be reading this in the LAUSD…(http://egpnews.com/2010/03/lausd-on-federal-radar-for-english-learner-performance/)

    Soy un producto de LAUSD (solamente para colegio), puedo lo digar. En esquelas de los ángeles, estos iPads van vendido, roto, destruido con graffiti, usar para porno en la clase, uh.. left? a la casa…, y usar por todos otro aprender. Rico Suave.

    (its not racist to be linguistically inclusive. In fact, its only Hispanic hating-racists who can’t speak Spanish in the US, as far as i’m concerned.)

    • qka

      Maybe. But I’ve saw what happened with my neighbors in Quebec.