If Samsung created the “Designed by Apple” video

This is funny.

For reference, if you haven’t seen it, here’s Apple’s original video.

  • Jeff Slater

    Hahaha, so true.

  • Merckel

    Sammy fans will miss the joke and say “Right on!”

  • RI waterman

    Funny but sad …

  • apppletini


  • Domicinator

    The “Samesong” thing is kind of dumb, but the basis of this is absolutely right on. I have to wonder what Samsung is going to do now that iOS 7 is taking such a departure from what past versions have done.

    • lucascott

      Loving it. It’s more ‘android’ looking to they don’t have to do any work to copy it

    • The Samesong thing makes them safe from legal complaints.

  • NavalGilles

    Yes apple never copies!

    • mdelvecchio

      apple creates enough value via innovation that the trivial things they copy (like notification center) is offset.

      what original value has Samsung created in mobile?

      • I was going to say “a plethora of confusing models,” but of course that’s a very old invention in the cell phone market.

  • staraffinity
    • In that both are pictured with a background with light effects, absolutely correct. Beyond that, the iOS 7 image seems closer to the old iOS image, which of course is what Samsung copied.

      It should be no surprise that two copies of an original are somewhat similar.