Prss: Building magazines for Apple’s Newsstand

I met with the guys from Prss this week to check out what they’re doing around Newsstand magazine apps. What they already have is impressive, but I got a little peek into what’s coming on the platform and it’s amazing. Watch these guys.

  • soybeanstasher

    That video didn’t actually show any reading, so it’s pretty hard to tell if it actually makes for a good magazine platform.

    • That video didn’t even show them “building a magazine”.

      • Michel

        Hi Kill and Soybeanstasher, we’re working on a new video and new design. Jim has had a sneak peak of what Prss is going to be. Best, Michel

        • @disqus_61nrbfYnt0:disqus — is the building done on an iPad, or is Prss a Mac app that creates a iOS app/magazine? Looking forward to seeing the building video!

          • Michel

            @Dean_Lewis:disqus we are now working on a web app. It makes us adopt new functionality faster and more. Future will probably look different.

  • Blinx182

    This is needed in a world where companies like Adobe and Mag+ charge an awful lot of money for publishing, as well as royalties. It’s almost like double-dipping.