Kim Deal quits the Pixies


If you don’t know who the Pixies are or why this sucks, kick yourself in the balls or have someone do it for you.

  • bibulb

    Someone recently noted a fundamental law of nature :

    “For any given band on stage, as the length of time between songs increases, the probability of the bass player getting bored and going into the line from ‘Gigantic’ approaches one.”

  • quietstorms

    I hope this is the end of a band I love. It sounds harsh but I’ve seen R.E.M. without Berry and you could feel something is missing. Some bands get away with it but it’s only because the lineup had changes through their peak years.

    It’s better to end while you’re on top than potentially ruin a name steeped in greatness.

    • Steuph

      I was trying to nail a theory about bands who can or can’t go on without all their founding members and you just did ! Spot on !

  • If you haven’t seen “loudQUIETloud: A Film About the Pixies”, I highly recommend it. But don’t expect to be uplifted and motivated. In fact, it made me thankful that none of the bands I was in ever got around to touring. But at least we would have enjoyed each other’s company more than the member of the Pixies.

  • tylernol

    the pixies were over in the early nineties. They had a great run. I am not much for reunions so this incarnation’s demise I can’t can upset by.