Apple’s WWDC keynote live stream

Apple will stream the WWDC keynote live today so everyone can watch. Clearly this is the best way to stay up-to-date on the event, so I won’t be doing a live update myself. I will post my thoughts on any announcements after the keynote.

  • nmpraveen

    Apple, Y U NO support windows for live stream? Guess I have to search some UStreams for rebroadcasting.

    • CZ

      get Quicktime. or watch it on a mobile device

      • They say you have to be on OSX but you don’t. Take the live stream url [just view source] and paste it in an HTML5 capable browser.

        Last year I watched it on a Galaxy Tab.

    • rynfrz

      Or maybe Windows doesn’t support the new tech… More reason to see what OS X is doing and what Windows 8 hasn’t improved upon.

      • Not the issue. Windows handles live streams just as well as OSX, especially since you can use Chrome. IE10 has solid HTML5 video support as well.

        • rynfrz

          Yes, the Google workaround for a Microsoft product. The multi step answer to “It just works” instead of going Mac.

          • lol. Just looking for a fight, eh?

            Note I said IE10 as well. Point being: Windows is 100% capable.

          • rynfrz

            🙂 well it is an Apple conference after all.

          • Yep. Choice, not tech, is their reason for limiting it.

  • rwitt

    For people like me who are at work and can’t watch a livestream, Ars Technica does pretty good live coverage of Apple events

    • iMore too.

    • Agarun Ilyaguyev

      The Verge does great coverage as well.

  • mdelvecchio

    the stream crapped out on my LTE ipad mini right when it got interesting (new mac pro)…couldnt really get it back again…so im guessing bandwidth is still an issue. probably limit it for that reason.

    • Dennis Madrid

      Mine crapped out at the same point, but I was able to get it back after the iWork information. (I was also following along on Ars Technica’s liveblog). Looks like they’ve still got some bandwidth issues to work out. Still, it’s nice to see them streaming it.

      • I tried over and over from my iMac and iPad mini. Once it failed, it was out.

        Apple still provides a horrible live stream experience. They should just pay Ustream. This was atrocious.

  • Socks blown off

  • For those whose stream crapped out at the unveiling of the Mac Pro, It’s this bullet shaped unicorn

    • LMBO. I saw most of that. It’s a beast of a device!

      • Moeskido

        A beast that’s one-eighth the volume of the previous model. One-eighth.

        • Volume by HDD space or you mean for physical expansion?

          • Moeskido

            I’m assuming Schiller was referring to exterior physical size.

          • Gotcha. It crapped out during that piece so didn’t hear it.

  • Bleakvision

    Gradients are the new drop shadow.

    • Translucency is the new black.

      Strikes me this iOS version is for white iPhone. Black iPhone gets Vader theme

      I AM jOKIng