Obama’s ConnectED promises high-speed Internet to classrooms

The Obama Administration has announced a new initiative called ConnectED, its goal to see 99 percent of schools across the nation outfitted with high-speed Internet access within the next five years.

In this case, “high speed” is defined as at least 100 Mbps, with 1 gigabit being the goal. Other aspects of the initiative include training teachers to help use technology and having schools deploy “feature-rich educational devices” to provide “college and career-ready” content.

The announcement has absolutely no legislative teeth, of course, because the Executive branch of the U.S. government can’t do that. But Obama is calling on the FCC to leverage its E-Rate program, which provides telecommunications and Internet access discounts to schools and libraries.

  • Chris White

    All the better to spy on us.

    • dr.no

      Jim didn’t even touch the Apple non-denial denial.

      Hahahahahahahahah. Jim’s Laugh.

  • Jessica Darko

    Here’s a radical notion– let kids learn something for a damn, instead of being force fed pro-government propaganda for a dozen years.

    Also, any “gift” like this will be abused for spying and the like.

    Yet the loonie leftists will run around and claim anyone who wants kids to learn (something other than propaganda) and have unfettered un-spied on internet access is “wants to deny poor kids an education.”

    No, we just want to give them a chance to develop critical thinking skills, unlike you were able to. (Seriously, you can’t be a leftist with the history of leftism from the USSR to germany to the UK, without lacking in critical thinking skills.)

    And what do socialists require to make their planned economies “work” (for awhile)? Massive spying.

    Thanks obama!

    • gjgustav

      Just an honest question, and I’d appreciate an answer without it being tied with a childish “leftist” rant (not everything is left vs right): don’t you think giving kids access to more information (i.e. over the Internet) will help them develop critical thinking skills?

      • Peter Cohen

        Based on the lack of critical thinking skills I see on a daily basis from current users of the Internet, I think it’s safe to say that the answer is no.

    • dr.no

      Massive Spying is product of Military Industrial Complex. All companies involved are Libertarian. All this was started in the 90s before 9/11 in the Pentagon without congressional approval.

      Thank you very much.

    • dr.no

      Thats right Internet is liberal conspiracy to control your ass from the 60s. Liberals also brought you the cold war, federal reserve, oil shock, debt, neo-cons, etc.

  • obiwandreas

    My students don’t need more technology, they need fathers.

  • Zachary Kolk

    High speed Internet only works if you have computers made this century. My high school has 100MB/s Internet already, but the ancient PCs not even running Service Pack 3 of XP can’t even go that fast. How do I know we have that speed? We have one lab of Macs (from 2011) that even browse the web faster (also, speedtest.net). Not that only Macs can browse the web, but faster Internet is only good if the schools also get faster computers, something that is much more expensive and isn’t in the plans.