Google lies? Say it ain’t so

Apple lawyer Orin Snyder questioning Thomas Turvey, Google’s director of strategic partnerships in the e-book trial:

Things went downhill from there. Under Snyder’s questioning, Turvey acknowledged that he couldn’t remember a single name of any of the publishing executives who had told him Apple was the reason the publishers were switching their business model. He conceded that the publisher’s move to the agency system was important to Google’s own business, yet Turvey couldn’t remember any details about the conversations with publishers. By the end of the interview Turvey had gone from saying the publishers had told him directly, to saying they had merely told people on his team, to finally saying the publishers had “likely” told someone on his team.

Oh Google.

  • albertkinng

    Well, it seems that Google didn’t learn how to be a pirate from the Master of RDF Steve Jobs after all…


      you mean to say that Google didn’t try to copy that.

      So Mac was RDF, iphone was RDF, ipad was RDF. What else. Did he steal from you or your mother.

      • albertkinng

        RDF= Reality Distortion Field

        It seems you didn’t get the joke.

  • quietstorms

    It’s nice that Google lied (as usual) but my concern today has more to do with Apple possibly sharing every Apple user’s info with the NSA.

    According to the timeline, it seems that Apple was against it until half a year after Jobs’ passing. It makes me wonder about Tim Cook and where his vision lies with a company that was historically idealistic in its vision.

    I love The Loop but there needs to be posts about what seems to be the #1 story in the world.

    • lucascott

      Guess you missed the dozens of follow up articles where everyone from Apple to the NSA have denied the whole thing.

      Or that the slides said ‘may include’ which means that even if Apple had any part in this there’s no proof of how much. They may have only been part of those ‘special requests’ defined in their case as requests for specific data made by a court order or warrant.

      • quietstorms

        I guess you misread everything where the NSA only said some things were wrong.

        Or that the slides said ‘may include’

        You serious? The “may include” includes MS who joined 5 years ago when the program was started?

        You must believe that the NSA is pretty inept while they are sophisticated enough to collect all the information of non-US citizens around the world.

    • I’m not inclined to believe that story in the light of Apple’s denial without actual evidence, which so far doesn’t really exist in any examinable way.

      • quietstorms

        So you’re saying that the Powerpoint slides posted by the Washington Post and Guardian were a lie?

        I love Apple products but these stories have been coming about for years about Windows and Google. Would it be a surprise to you that Apple did this after Steve died?

        The New Yorker and NY Post believe this is the case as well.

        I’m a die-hard Apple fan but these kind of stories make me miss my fallen king.

        • I didn’t say I’d be surprised. I said I don’t believe it based on the evidence posted so far. That doesn’t mean I won’t believe it, only that I need more evidence.

          • quietstorms

            What are the chances that the same person who posted the Verizon leak to the Post and Guardian were responsible behind the Prism leak?

            Considering these leaks don’t come along very often I’d say damn near 100%.