Amplified Podcast: The Troll is Real

Dan and Jim discuss what could be announced at Apple’s 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference next week in San Francisco. Later they discuss the risk of malicious, hacking iPhone chargers, the importance of an external power source for your phone at events like WWDC, Apple and Samsung’s US market rivalry, The White House’s war on patent trolls, and more.

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  • Jessica Darko

    If patent rights are real, and they currently are, then they can be sold, including to companies that are not making products for the patents.

    This is a good thing, because it allows inventions to be made even if there isn’t a product, and monetised without a product.

    Which means companeis that do make products using the patents get access to technology much cheaper than if they had to make it themselves.

    Real innovation is hard. It’s risky and expensive. Being able to license technology gives all companies a leg up and lets them focus more on the areas where new things need to be invented.

    The war on patent “trolls” is a war on innovation. There is no problem with licensing– if people are trying to license bogus patents that can be handled at the court level, and it can only be handled at the court level.

    Obama and the other idiots in government don’t know anything about technology and cannot regulate it with any success.

    But their ideological crusade is anti-intellectual (because if you acknowledge the value of the intellect then you must acknowledge that people aren’t “equal”)

    I don’t think obama pledging that Google should be allowed to steal from Apple is good for innovation and it’s certainly not a position that respects human rights.

  • BL42E

    The Squarespace code is invalid.