Washington Post putting up a paywall

The Washington Post will phase in a paid online subscription model for Web content starting June 12, charging some readers $9.99 a month for access to more than 20 articles a month on desktop and mobile devices.

For $14.99 a month, readers can get a premium package that includes access to all of The Post’s custom apps.

It will be interesting to see how they do with this strategy.

  • Yes, yes. Paywalls are such a good idea. Why not charge people for each word they read while they’re at it?

    And make sure to split the articles amongst multiple pages. Need to get that ad revenue rolling!!


  • Nicholas Rubenstein

    The challenge for the Post is that they have to compete with the NYT. The Post for free was an almost acceptable subsist use for the Times. Like hell am I going to pay for the Post instead of paying for the Times, though. It’ll be interesting to see whether they get enough new readers to make up for the loss. The Post just doesn’t have nearly as much going for it (IMHO) these days. The content quality is poor, and the fact that they have so many absolutely incompetent hacks manning the opinion section doesn’t help either. Yes, Jennifer Rubin is a standout, but they are really pretty bad on both ends of the spectrum.

    • crateish

      Jennifer Rubin? A standout? I sincerely hope you are joking.

      • Nicholas Rubenstein

        A standout in idiocy/hackery. I should have phrased that as “but the rest are also pretty bad….”

  • I wonder if the “Loop Magazine should be $0.69 on Android” idiot will pay that much. 😀