Jesus Christ, Silicon Valley: VCs are important, motherfuckers

According to VCs, without VCs we wouldn’t have Silicon Valley.

Venture capital is the lifeblood of our industry; the jet fuel in our Gulfstream; the saliva in our 23andme test. If it weren’t for free and easy capital, Instagram and Tumblr and {insert your employer’s name here, you unit-test-skipping, standup-meeting-lying bullshit artist} would have had to come up with a pesky business model.

He’s at it again—and it’s funny.


    David Stockman was on PBS’s newshour. about Low Interest rate set by Fed Reserve creating bubbles to keep the economy going.

    Isn’t it funny you agree with him and Not Paul Krugman.

    • qka

      Does Stockman still believe that ketchup is a vegetable?

  • tylernol

    there are some good VC’s but they are few and far between, most are just like JC makes them out to be.

  • AK

    Who is this person? You sure it’s a him and not a her?