Isolated guitar tracks from Van Halen’s first three albums

Eddie Van Halen is absolutely amazing. Having the tracks isolated, you can really hear him play.

  • Craig Hill

    As an amazingly average guitarist that can barely even read tab (but can play a bit by ear etc), what I find great about these is actually makes EVH’s guitar playing sound HUMAN and achievable.

    It’s amazing how much the rest of the band (especially) the drums colour the guitar and make it seem more complex.

    I also like hearing EVH get ‘back on point’ with some of the rhythmic sections – he goes on one of those explorations with a divebomb or arpeggio & then before you know it, he’s snapped back in to the rhythm – you miss it on the original because the guitar & drums define it so clearly, but EVH was controlled enough that he knew he also had to play his part in defining the sound and not just wank out 24/7.

    no copy and pasting the rhythm section over the top and letting the divebomb ring through – EVH just nailed it on tape.