iMore Show 352: WWDC Preview with Jim and Peter

This week’s iMore Show podcast was a WWDC preview. Rene Ritchie hosted; I was there and our special guest was some homeless guy Jim Dalrymple. Watch as that fucker laughs uncontrollably every time he sees my headphones and calls me Princess Leia.

  • Odi Kosmatos

    Next step, put ‘fuck’ or ‘fucker’ in the post’s title. Oh, wait…


  • mactechgeek

    Good show, guys! But one thing sucked: You just cannot talk about how the LoopMagazine came about without mentioning Marco’s TheMagazine even once.

    I know that Jim was pretty much straightforward about the inspiration he took from the TheMagazine in his blogpost about the launch of his magazine. But in the show he almost acts as if it was his own idea altogether and/or as if TheMagazine didn’t exist. Of course it’s the most direct completion one could think, so I get why you don’t wanna mention it too often. But not mentioning it at all feels dishonest to me and it hurts Jim’s credibility.