Researchers to show charger that can inject malware into iOS devices

At the upcoming Black Hat security conference in late July, three researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology plan to show off a proof-of-concept charger that they say can be used to invisibly install malware on a device running the latest version of Apple’s iOS.

Sounds like pretty James Bond-y stuff. It’ll be interesting to see more in July.

  • tylernol

    they are sticking a computer (TI beagleboard) into the charger, or claiming they eventually could. So basically plugging your iOS device into that charger is like plugging it into an unknown computer. Of course bad shit could happen.

  • gjgustav

    Wow. That’s the kind of thing I’d see in a movie and say “Come on! That would never work!”

    • lucascott

      Next up: Zoom and Enhance and the Will Smith 180

  • lucascott

    Let this be a lesson kiddies. If you put strange plugs in your hole you are likely to end up with a disease

  • As a developer of USB chargers ( I can assure you that almost all USB chargers do NOT have the Data Pins connected. Calling this device an iPhone charger would be akin to calling a computer a USB charger. Yes, it can charge USB devices, but that’s not its main purpose :-/