Apple releases WWDC 2013 iOS app

This is clearly something you’ll need if you’re attending WWDC.

  • Thomas Alvarez

    This app is useful for ALL registered developers, not just WWDC attendees. The videos will be accessible in it (the old videos already are) and the full schedule is viewable without a ticket.

    • lucascott

      Yep. I can’t attend because I’ll be on a shoot but now I can at least see the videos without a huge wait. Which is big for me cause I’m working in an in house app

  • Eric Hastings

    I wonder if the look and feel of the icon is what we can expect for iOS 7 UI changes.

    • lucascott

      I think yes. Perhaps we might even be seeing a move to scaling graphics so apps don’t have to have 4 copies of everything. Games like Infinity Blade excluded.

      • That’s a very insightful comment. Apple has been pushing developers to do resolution independence since before the iPhone existed. The thing is, the APIs are very raster oriented with PNG being the primary graphic mode.

        Maybe at WWDC Apple will introduce a vector based graphic system at the core of the OS, with broad support in UI Kit.

        If they did, that would be GREAT!