iOS wish list from a non-techie

By non-techie, I mean she isn’t an engineer, programmer, analyst or reporter. It’s pretty clear she has a good handle on things though.

  • Buckeyestar

    I like some of those ideas. I’d love to add two finger swiping forward and backward in Safari, just like on my MacBook.


    She is asking for more Fonts. yet she doesn’t know how many fonts are available. Plus she asking for Windows Fonts. She insists that by removing Stocks and Weather app you are going to save space.

    Here is list for IOS 6.

  • misscranksalot

    Ugh, the top entry is suggesting so many extra alerts (an alert to turn off wi-fi/bluetooth to increase battery life, an alert to stay on a cell network rather than switch to wifi) I get irritated enough with every app ever asking me to enable push notifications. I didn’t get to read further down to any other entries, but the top one by itself does not sound like a world I’d like to live in. Apple needs to fix the wi-fi connectivity issues, but alerting users whenever it finds a previously connected network is not the way to fix it, IMHO.

  • StruckPaper

    “By non-techie, I mean she isn’t an engineer, programmer, analyst or reporter. It’s pretty clear she has a good handle on things though.” No offence. But since when do analysts and reporters qualify as techies? Do we classify sportscasters and sportswriters as athletes?

  • mdelvecchio

    Quick access to wifi, bluetooth etc. A lot of folks have been calling for this kind of easy control and I can understand why.

    …if youre asking for this, youre a techie. my dad doesnt even know what those things are, let alone have a desire to toggle them more quickly.

    “System checks on wifi, bluetooth etc. By this I mean the system detecting when the wifi is on but there’s no networks to connect to and alerting users that they might want to turn off wifi to save battery.”

    …groan. apple would never do that. pester the user w/ alerts that their phone’s battery needs babysitting & monitoring? as if.

  • lucascott

    I just got an email from my cousin that she posted some thoughts about what came out during the keynote. And she mentioned that she has some more thoughts for her wish list that she’s going to post over the next few days.

    But what really blew me away was that she mentioned her traffic. Her blog is something done as a hobby (which is also why the design is rather meh). From the day she started it maybe two years ago to just before Jim so kindly posted about it she’d had perhaps 2000 page hits. Now she’s up to also 36k. Most of those are of course from the Apple articles but she is just floored (and depressed that google cut her from Adsense oh well).

    I know she posted a thank you to Jim on her site a few days ago but I want to add my own.