Google Reader replacements I’m looking at using

It’s June 1, so we only have a month before Google Reader shuts down for good. Here are the services I’m looking at as a replacement.

  • And Feverº?

  • JC

    Ever thought of trying Netvibes ?

  • I narrowed it down to NewsBlur and Feedbin, and bought a year subscription to both because I couldn’t decide between the two. So far, I like NewsBlur because his webapp fetches feeds way faster than Feedbin. On the other hand, Feedbin seems to be getting more third-party client support (e.g., Press, Reeder), and it supports tags instead of just folders. They’ve both got a year to win me over though, so we’ll see.

    • Eric Dannewitz

      Well, it is the whole service that fetches things faster. It is actually pretty much on Par with the speed of Google Reader in fetching new articles. It wasn’t for a while, but it has been scaled now so it is matching pretty much within a few minutes of what Google Reader is fetching (sometimes it gets it before). PLUS, you can manually refresh a feed. Something Google Reader never had.

  • Unionicola

    Whatever works with Reeder will be what I pay for.

    • Eric Dannewitz

      I felt the same way. I switched to NewsBlur, and missed Reeder.

      However, there is a great little $4.99 OS X app called ReadKit that now does NewsBlur. It is pretty much a clone of Reeder on Mac.

      For iOS, there is a Free NewsBlur app. It works OK. It is NOT anywhere as good as the Reeder iOS apps, but I’m hoping it will soon.

  • Yah

    Feedly. Nothing else really compares.

    • my reader of choice too.

    • lucascott

      I took a look and it asked me to sign into Google Reader but I can’t seem to find anything about importing the settings, a feedly account etc. So in a month when Google Reader is done???

  • davidcgc

    The reason I’m doddling on replacing Google Reader (and I wish I wasn’t) is that I’m waiting for the forthcoming update to Reeder for Mac. It’s convenient to have RSS on my phone, but most of my RSS reading is on the computer, and that has to be what I change over first.

    I guess if it hasn’t come out by the last week of the month, I’ll have to just bite the bullet and go to Feedbin and just use the web interface on my Mac until Reeder 2 comes out.

  • Billy Razzle

    Fuck Google.

  • MacDork

    TT-RSS has a Fever plugin that makes it compatible w/ Reeder. I’ve switched completely. Net cost to me: $0.00

    • sashk

      Thank you for great news. For those who was looking for plugin information – here is a link

      TTRss is great news reader I’m using for long time, but missing sync with iOS/Desktop readers was huge minus for me. Now it might come to be a winner!

      • MacDork

        The web interface is decent enough for me to preclude needing a full desktop client, but if the Reeder devs continue their work and also make their Mac OS and iPad clients compatible w/ Fever, then I’m all set 🙂

  • Saureen


  • Feed Wrangler seems too stripped down, too much work to use. Newsblur is overloaded with features, making the whole service a “blur”, and makes me question it’s sustainability as a service.

    Feedbin could use a few more keyboard commands on its website, as well as a mobile web interface. Of the three listed above, it is the most Google Reader-like (gReader-lite ?). But for how I want to use it, as a syncing service with the RSS clients on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone, it seems to work well (though I’m only using it with Reeder for iPhone, as the other Reeder apps gain Feedbin sync, we’ll see how that holds up).

  • After looking at these three paid options, I’m sticking with Feedly (which has a great iOS app). These services look horrible, as in ugly. But if I was forced to use a stand-alone Mac app, it would probably Reeder.

    • Eric Dannewitz

      Again, Feedly is still using Google Reader and no one knows exactly how it will do when Google kills Reader in a month.

      • They’ve already stated they will be using their own homemade service.

        • Eric Dannewitz

          Which has not been tested under load. Heck, has anyone TESTED it yet? Is it even going to work? Have they started allowing users to migrate over to it yet?

          I think the answer is NO to all of these.

  • lucascott

    I haven’t had time to really investigate all the options but does anyone know of one that will pull down starred/saved articles out of google reader to the desktop. I ask because that’s how I was marking articles to review later and I don’t want to have to search them out later.

    • Erwin

      Instead of downloading, you might consider using a service like Instapaper, then the articles will be accessible to you from anywhere. Plus, no cluttered desktop

      • lucascott

        I’ve used it, don’t like it. Which is why I was asking about RSS readers

  • Erwin

    I’m using The Old Reader, because it follows Reader’s practice of removing from view articles that I’ve read. If I saw it, I don’t want to see it again (I’ll Instapaper what I want to keep).

    The Old Reader is a bit slow, but that doesn’t matter much in an RSS reader.

  • I’m smelling a bit of politics excluding feedly 🙂

    Zite’s feature is also good but not a replacement.

  • Donovan

    Definitely for me!!!