Best soccer goal ever scored

Cheers little man.

  • Brilliant. I’ve watched this five times now. A genius moment.

    Thanks for that

  • slickdoporto

    Brought tears to my eyes… awesome.

  • mvcmendes

    Ha. That was great. I love how British soccer fans can turn anything into a chant. Once some Arsenal supporters mocked a Brazilian reporter because he was acting as cameraman AND as a reporter. They turned “La Donna è Mobile” into “Where Is Your Cameraman”?. Funny as hell.

  • UnLaoised

    I am a QPR fan and thus have a distaste for anything Chelsea. But this was so good. What a guy! Loved his celebration on 0.39. I’ll be watching out for him around 2033 or thereabouts.

  • JDSoCal

    The sad thing is, this was exciting by soccer standards.

  • Snaggy