AT&T ads with kids, a look behind the curtain

AT&T’s been running a hilarious string of ads over the past few months featuring an adult interviewer asking kids questions. The kids come up with hilarious responses to his question, and his earnest, deadpan response is part of the fun.

The actor who plays the interviewer is Beck Bennett, and according to this Adweek article, the kids’ responses to his questions are unscripted, which makes the ads even more charming and hilarious.

BBDO is the agency behind the “It’s Not Complicated” ad campaign.

  • DanielSw

    It must have been a fun challenge for Mr. Bennett & crew to shoot them, and for editing to finish them off. Great concept, design, and execution.

  • iPuppet

    I was just commenting to my wife on Friday about what must go into these spots, and you lay it out on a platter. Thanks.

  • qka

    Yeah, the ads are cute. However, the message is pure unadulterated AT&T bull manure

  • Moeskido

    Pretty damn funny. But these could’ve been ads for almost anything.

  • Steve

    I understand all the effort that goes into their creation, but I cannot reach the mute button fast enough when these ads come on.

  • lomifeh

    I love these ads, and always wondered how much was scripted. The fact they are ATT though normally escapes me.

  • Morgan McN.

    Very reminiscent of the Flight of the Conchords – Feel Inside (and stuff like that)

  • justme

    As for the little girl on the “We want more, we want more.” ad… I can NOT turn the channel fast enough or turn the sound down soon enough to avoid hearing one word of that kid’s incredibly annoying nasal voice. Can not wait for that one to cycle out of play.

  • david

    Tape a cheetah to her back