Line 6 Sonic Port for iPhone and iPad

Sonic Port delivers inspiring guitar tones and best-in-class audio quality on your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Jam with the tones of your favorite artists, connect keyboards and speakers to create your mobile recording studio, or plug into your amp and play live. Every time, Sonic Port gives you pro-quality sound with GarageBand, Line 6 Mobile POD, Jammit and other CoreAudio music apps.

This looks incredible. I’m getting one.

  • stsk

    Good that the iRig will finally have some competition. Their app pricing strategy is obnoxious.

  • mycroftxxx

    ISTM that the only advantages this has over the AmpLink HD is the stereo line input; the AmpLink HD has everything else, although the line-out is 1/8″, not 1/4″. However, the AmpLink HD has an AC adapter port so that you can charge your iDevice while playing, which may be important to some folks. Also don’t see hardware gain controls for the guitar input and the headphone interface; I really like that on the AmpLink HD.

    Oh, and the Line6 device will let you use their Mobile Pod app, if that’s important; from the reviews I’ve seen, Mobile Pod doesn’t live up to either AmpKit+ or AmpliTube though. I’ve been really happy with AmpliTube, although I’m modestly peeved about the separate iPhone and iPad apps, and having most of the good stuff a separate in-app purchase. But they run sales pretty often; I recently picked up the iPad version + the Fender pack + the drum pack for 40% off – not bad. Anybody ever done a head-to-head on AmpliTube vs AmpKit+?

    The iRig HD and Apogee’s Jam have the digital interface in prettier packages than the AmpLink HD (the latter’s black rubberized rectangle is pretty stark), but lack the other dedicated ports, and they’re all the same price ($99, although I got mine with a GC 15% off coupon). Any word on the Sonic Port pricing? No info that I could find on Line6’s website.

  • nizy

    Looks interesting, but I ordered a iRig HD less than 24 hours before Jim posted this. Don’t think it would have changed my mind as I don’t need the input functionality this offers.

    It would be nice to play with the POD app though. The demos in the app sound nice to me, but you need their hardware to actually use it. God knows why they don’t let users of other hardware unlock it via IAP.

    @mycroftxxx, its on this site for £70.

  • Gianfranco Monni

    I ordered irig HD just two days ago, sonic port looks interesting and the price is the same as the irig. It has more connections than Irig HD ans his dedicated software but it is only for IOS systems while you can use IRIG even with PCs or MACs, dont forget this…

  • Audiofanzine
  • Wolfi

    Can I also use the Sonic Port with the internal speakers of my iPad?

    • Yaz

      No, with Sonic Port you must use headphones or connect it to an external speaker system. You can also use airplay but the latency is unbearable, maybe 200ms.

  • Camara53

    how does the line6 mobile app distinguish between a sonic port and an irig hd