Be careful which buttons you press

Late last night the offices of Los Angeles-based independent game studio Robotoki were stormed by the LA Police Department after a curious designer hit the building’s “panic” button, studio founder Robert Bowling told Polygon.

This could have turned out so much worse.

  • tylernol

    perhaps also dont put a lifesize special force soldier replica in the window?

  • Mikey

    I did that once. In the 90s this was tied to alarm system and looked like a garage door opener. We were told to take it to car with us if we were working late or alone. It was one of those “does this thing even work?” moments. Unlike the alarm where security company calls first, the police were there in force in about 3 minutes. And they didn’t accept our “sorry, it was an accident” without doing ID checks and notifying company owners and asking to verify our employment. It is funny 20 years later, but I feel for the chap. For the rest of his employment with that company and beyond, he will be forever be reminded of the bonehead move at public events, especially those that involve alcohol.

  • This could have turned out so much worse.

    Yes. He house could have been demolished by a bulldozer leaving him with only a housecoat and a towel.

  • Billy Razzle

    I found this hilarious.