Canadian high school creates all-hockey curriculum

A Nova Scotia high school has created a curriculum where every subject — from physics to design technology to dance — centres on hockey.

This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. And we wonder why our kids are so far behind in the basic skills.

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  • Glen Turpin

    If a puck crosses the blue line at 100 mph…

  • bt

    I don’t they are skimping on the fundamentals, rather they are just using Hockey to provide context to the various disciplins. If the student body can all identify strongly with Hockey, then this may be a positive thing.

    • Stacy_C

      Exactly right. If the schools can make these topics more interesting and engaging to the students then their chances of mastering the material will likely increase — possibly by a lot.

      Good on them for trying something innovative with education. I hope they succeed and inspire other school districts to get creative.

  • Now everyone can be Sidney Crosby!

  • alandanziger

    Jim, I don’t often disagree with you, but I’m going to here. As ‘bt’ said, if it’s just putting the same subjects (skills) in a context that the students will understand and appreciate, this is more likely to help the students learn and retain the information.

    One of the big problems I had in school was retaining information that I didn’t understand the relevance of. Things that I could tie to my interests — computers, behavior, society in general (women, in particular grin) I had no trouble retaining.

    If they’re “dumbing it down” and teaching less, then I see your point. But I think students learn best when they can see a practical use for the material & can tie it back to the real world.

  • dtj

    Now we know who to blame when someone writes a book entitled “Why Can’t Johnny Shoot” documenting the decline of hockey in Canuckistan.

  • Sigivald

    You can teach any subject through a hockey frame of reference (or any other one, given enough effort, but a competitive team sport is actually probably superior to many frames, given that it necessarily involves multiple kinds of human interaction and physical objects.)

    Probably better than many other ways, honestly.

    (“Our” kids are behind in basic skills because “our schools” are almost deliberately bad at teaching them, not because one school decided to do so via a hockey frame.

    Hell, hockey is probably a better way to present physics than many, many alternatives.)

  • lucascott

    Real world tie ins can make things make more sense for some kids. There are studies about this kind of thing. So perhaps not so stupid

  • Kids are behind on basic skills because the government runs the schools. Socialism always fails to deliver.

    I don’t know if this schools plans are good or not, but rejecting them out of hand is the kind of anti-innovation thinking that has schools declining year after year.

    The history of the USSR shows that command economies don’t work. Any honest look at education in america (and probably canada too) will show that government steals way too much money and spends it terribly, and doesn’t deliver the goods… because socialism doesn’t work. It never has and it never will.

    The problem is there’s a lot of people on the take- from politicians to administrators to unions to “activists” who profit from denying kids an education, who want to pretend like denying all kids an education equally is somehow magically better than letting kids get an education where some get a better one than others (Which is always going to be be the case because some will study harder than others.)

    They talk about “Equality” but really they’re just being greedy and they don’t give a damn who suffers.

    Which is why the canadian health care system can’t keep doctors on staff and just lets people die in many cases where in the USA they’d get the lifesaving surgery they need.

    Alas, the US health care system is going down the same road with Obamacare.

  • stsk

    Take off, eh. If it was good enough for Bob and Doug, it’s good enough for me. Now have Hosehead get me an Elsinore…

  • John

    What if hockey holds no interest? Further marginalise those for which sports is not the defining part of their life?

    • studuncan

      This is Canada, not the US. If you don’t like hockey, your whole life is marginalized.