Samsung Galaxy S4: A “messy experience”

Om Malik:

In the case of S4, when I used the device for the first time, I encountered three screens asking me to either sign-in or sign-up: Google, Samsung and AT&T. The phone is packed with Google Apps (good), Samsung Apps (meh!) and AT&T apps (why.)

  • Yeah, I’m not going to the S4. Samsung is doing too much.

    • Moeskido

      Trouble is, their brute-force approach to loading their product portfolio and marketing it might make it difficult for them to learn any lessons from their mistakes.

      • When you’re being drastically successful you don’t listen to the critics. Or, as the Bible puts it, every man is right in his own mind.

  • laserlord

    Check out a Samsung Galaxy Note being heavily outperformed by a Chinese Android device