More stupid anti-Apple bullshit from the WSJ

Interviewed at the All Things D tech conference on Tuesday night, Mr. Cook revealed little about Apple’s plans.

No fucking shit, Sherlock. Really?

Does this jabbering jackass understand anything about the way Apple operates? Apple CEOs have almost never used the D conference as a venue for announcing things, especially not two weeks before a major Apple event.

[Edit: Matthew Panzarino at TNW notes that Jobs introduced the AirPort Express at an early D2 conference. Regardless, I think the pattern’s been established, and the timing concerned WWDC makes it obvious Cook wouldn’t announce anything last night.]

  • Axion

    It sucks when your stock doodads don’t match the text framing them, too.

  • Am I the only one whose never been impressed by Walt & Kara’s cutesy “tell us some secrets” act? They did it with Steve right up to the end.

    The problem isn’t Cook not giving good answers, its D not asking good questions.

    • Sevores

      Exactly. Did they really expect him to reveal any of Apple’s plans? I think Steve handled these questions better. While never revealing anything regarding future products, he usually replied with his broader vision of the future, which I found very interesting. Cook always goes to his stock “area of great interest” or response. They managed to conduct an interview with next to zero information.

      • Jeff Zugale

        There was that investor during the Q&A who commented exactly that, and also said something along the lines of “when you don’t articulate that future vision, you’re reminding me of Michael Spindler and Gil Amelio.”

        Is Tim not articulating the vision at any other time? Will he share some vision at WWDC?

        • rattyuk

          “Will he share some vision at WWDC?” Probably not. We’ll see where both OS’s are going and that will take up the majority of the conference. It should provide some clues but the big vision thing is going to require its own launches.

          I think Apple have learned a horrible lesson that updating all its stuff at once just confused the message.

          Nice to see a new iPod this morning though. Quiet update.

        • xynta_man

          “when you don’t articulate that future vision, you’re reminding me of Michael Spindler and Gil Amelio.”

          Yeah, and Scully’s “vision” sure was successful…

  • Curmudgeon

    Tim Cook revealed little because they asked questions that were never going to get a revealing answer. What was revealed was that the interviewers skills as journalists are below amateur, or that their insight in Appleology is pitiful.

  • albertkinng

    I was in shock when Kara went like: “What kind of a leader are you?” OMG! That was a bad move. I even saw his face change dramatically. It was so insulting that he went like ” I never talk about me” ouch!