Apple’s Lisa Jackson hire gets thumbs up from Greenpeace

Last night at D11, Tim Cook revealed that Apple has hired former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to head up the company’s environmental efforts. The news has been greeted warmly by Greenpeace, the environmental activism group that’s often been at odds with Apple and its suppliers over the years.

“Apple has made a bold move in hiring Lisa Jackson, a proven advocate with a track record of combating toxic waste and the dirty energy that causes global warming, two of Apple’s biggest challenges as it continues to grow,” said Gary Cook, Greenpeace’s Senior IT analyst. “Jackson can make Apple the top environmental leader in the tech sector by helping the company use its influence to push electric utilities and governments to provide the clean energy that both Apple and America need right now.”

  • satcomer

    Seems like she will be in the planning for solar, wind farms for the new headquarters project. Maybe also for new data center designs.

  • Chris

    Greenpeace in positive comment scandal

    • The problem I have with this is the “can make Apple the top environmental leader in the tech sector”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but no other tech company has a proven environmental track record as good as Apple’s.

      Ugh, I despise Greenpeace for this kind of stuff.

  • I’m not comfortable with how many top government agency heads get jobs directly related to what they were in charge of on the public’s dime. It’s almost like businesses are giving in to a subtle form of extortion.

    As a Libertarian, I’m largely against taxes, but a surtax on former government big-wigs cashing in on their influence and access to power as proposed by Glenn Reynolds ( may be a good idea.

    I’m also disappointed with Greenpeace. Apparently Apple’s superior environmental track record and transparency on their environmental policies apparently plays second fiddle to hiring a government official.

    • mdelvecchio

      oh you libertarians. been to any good public parks lately?

      • That’s drifting off topic a bit much. Lets keep it related to the EPA & Apple hiring its former head.

    • mattack

      So, you’re against the free market? (I would say I am slightly uncomfortable with the idea too, but NOT enough to make rules banning it or adding a tax.)

      • Against the free market? Hell no.

        Reynolds’ proposal doesn’t prohibit such post-government jobs. It’s just that to the extent that ones connections and pull within the bureaucracy acquired over time spent in public service is so profitable, that it influences their decision making, towards cultivating the private sector’s need for people who know how Washing ton works. A tax on the increase in income in post-governmental employment, would curb that temptation.

        That said, the proposal is more of a means of drawing attention to the problem of government for and by the governors.

        I’d say that the tax hearing that Apple participated in was a subtle message to Apple that they weren’t hiring enough lobbyists (who tend to be former government administrators/legislators who cash in on their pull within the system)

        • mattack

          Taxing them is against the free market. They should be able to earn what the market bears.

          If you can prove that they were breaking rules/laws while in office, go after them for that.

          BTW, like I said, I do think that kind of thing smells funny too. But I don’t think they should be taxed extra (just like I think people/companies should be able to give whatever they want to any political cause, BUT the one limitation is that I think it should ALL be public information — we only got halfway there with Citizen’s United).

    • Moeskido

      I’m not comfortable with how many top government agency heads are appointed directly from industries they’re now in charge of regulating. It’s almost like businesses are populating government with industry shills.

  • Greenpeace, the “Environmental” organization that sent me $250 worth of bleached paper, glossy letters over 7 years after I once made the mistake of giving them $25.