Live blogs of Tim Cook’s interview at D11

9to5Mac is at the event and is updating live. Of course, AllThingsD has a live blog as well. It starts at 9:00 pm ET.

  • SchillerJP

    Why didnt you link to the verge. That 9to5Mac live blog was terrible.

    • Domicinator

      9to5Mac anything is terrible. I unfollowed them a long time ago. Their Twitter feed alone is unbearable–they just constantly retweet 9to5Android all day long.

  • Some pretty telling stuff on wearable tech. Cook said he didn’t see Google Glass having widespread appeal and I agree. HE also seemed to be against watches:

    “‘To convince people that they have to wear something, it has to be incredible,” Cook said. “If we asked a room of 20-year olds to stand up if they’re wearing a watch, I don’t think anyone would stand up.'”

    So, does this mean Cook believes Apple has created a watch with widespread appeal in a world where people don’t really wear watches much anymore? Or did he just put the nail in the coffin for iWatch speculation? I’m hoping the latter, because I really don’t see a watch (or glasses) being the next Big Thing.

    • dvdphn

      Watch is better than glasses. And he did mention that the watch must be amazing/spectacular/profoundly great for mass appeal, or it will fail. I’m sure Apple will work its magic to take over another product category.