Apple stock got mugged

Philip Elmer-Dewitt:

Spooner, a Canadian money manager and financial columnist, likened the burst of short selling to a “swarming,” a violent street crime where “an unsuspecting innocent bystander is attacked by several culprits at once.”

I hate Wall St.


    according to Khan Academy tutorial on Shorting. It is good for your health.

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      also. It is suppose to keep the volatility down when every one and your mother starts selling stock and there are no buyers aka Panic.

      For every buyer, there is a seller whether he/she is borrowing stock to do it irrelevant according to economic professors. It is good for the economy because deflation aka negative growth is frowned upon.

  • mikey

    Where is the congressional outrage and investigation about this? Granted it would be impotent and sell serving, but still…

  • Terry

    There’s nothing illegal about what has happened to Apple’s share price. A stock’s where price is rarely indicative of the actual value that a company has to offer.

    As Apple users, and Internet prowlers, we would like to see our Apple sites focus on hardware, software and how-tos. Unfortunately, the market sometimes can be more intriguing than the product.

    Never buy a stock from a company whose products are close to your heart. You’ll just be disappointed. the market doesn’t care.

  • Sushifan007

    I think everyone has to understand the purpose of the stock market is two fold, to provide companies with a market that promotes liquidity and to earn money. Big funds have changed the game but honestly stock price can be manipulated at only so much a level. Shorting a stock by itself isn’t a bad thing, what’s considered underhanded yet brilliant is having influence in the market and slashing and burning a stock because you plan to short the stock. I have friends in some of these big hedge funds and private equity firms and while it seems underhanded to the layman all I can say is as long as apple keeps making great products that people want to buy they will be fine. Yes the small investor will hurt for a while but it’s definitely not permanent. If Apple really wants to woo Wall Street back it needs some way to regain that flair of otherworldly success.

    The reason why Amazon’s stock is skyrocketing is because Bezos has convinced the investor that Amazon’s potential is greater than its current operations. Same as Google. Even though Apple is lightyears more profitable than Amazon it lost control of its narrative. Especially since the next stage of the Smartphone development is supposedly integrated services, investors say, Apple is a hardware and software company but doesn’t have internet services in its DNA, how will it compete? Luckily for us the people that work at Apple aren’t slouches. I’m positive Apple will surprise us. iCloud, Maps, iMessages, and Siri are still in their infancies. iOS 7 I hope creates an easier environment through APIs for developers to utilize Apple’s internet services. If anyone has looked at Apple job listings they would find for the past 15 months Apple has heavily invested in engineering talent that focuses on Cloud engineering, Big Data Machine learning aka improved search methodology, an entire army of mapping related engineers, and Siri probably has its own division by the amount of talent Apple has invested in.

    It is this type of data that Apple has to subtly put into play. Google gets perks because of huge PR announcements like buying a quantum computer for a joint lab with NASA. Apple follows a philosophy the Chinese call hide your power until the most opportune movement. For Apple the opportune moment has always been WWDC. It’s one of the few days that apple let’s everyone admire the fruits of their labors.

  • Wall Street is the anti-pattern!

  • tylernol

    there is not as much rational behavior in the stock market as you might expect, what I have learned is to stick to fundamentals but watch for visionary companies to bet on as well. Apple is still a fundamentally sound company to invest in, and the fear about it being “out of ideas” is just bullshit. In the vision /not so sure about fundamentals yet department , Tesla turned out to be a far better investment sooner than I thought it would, its pop this month is almost enough to compensate for the fall-off I endured with Apple.