Oxygene for Cocoa, from RemObjects Software

Oxygene for Cocoa

Thanks to RemObjects for sponsoring The Loop’s RSS this week. Oxygene for Cocoa is a new and modern programming language and development tool chain for creating Mac and iOS apps.

It is not a bridge or an abstraction layer, but full-featured language for the Objective-C runtime, giving you direct access to all the great APIs of the platform and letting you create truly native (in every sense of the word) apps.

The language is based on Object Pascal (but this is not your daddy’s Pascal!), it is well-rounded and provides many advanced language features that will change the way you look at writing code.

And as if that was not enough: if you are so included, the same great language also lets you natively target Android/Java and .NET development, as well – time-proven and well established on those platforms for many years.

Find out more at remobjects.com/oxygene.