Microsoft caught lying about iPad size

This is not to scale. Microsoft has drawn a 10.1 inch tablet 36% larger than a 9.7 inch tablet (140×78 pixels vs 102×79). This is so far off you can visually see it’s wrong.

Come on Microsoft, stop being dicks.

  • qka

    You might as well ask Microsoft to sop breathing. (Although that’s not a bad ideas.)

  • Reminds me of Apple during the Samsung trial.

    • 11thIndian

      The size of the device isn’t as relevant in the “look and feel” argument it was making.

      Here, screen size is actually the comparable metric. The graphic is downright wrong. The takeaway for the consumer is that they’re getting a much bigger screen for less money. That’s a lie.

      • I agree. Nothing different, to me, when Apple did it to Samsung.they squeezed the Tab to look like an iPad.

        • 11thIndian

          Here’s the best link I found on the image comparisons from the German trial. I agree it shouldn’t have happened (intentional or not), but it’s no where near as severe as distortion by my reckoning.

          • No difference to me. Both did it regardless of who was the biggest offender.

        • Sebastian Paul

          You didn’t get what that comparison with the GalaxyTab was about. Apple’s design patent wasn’t about the screen aspect ratio or size, it was about the radius of the rounded corners, the uniformity of the width of the frame and so on.

          Imagine Mercedes Benz creating a car that looks identical to an Audi, except for the Mercedes star on the hood.

          Apple simply removed the star to show that without it, the cars/tablets are nearly identical.

          As the aspect ratio didn’t matter to the design patents, Apple had every right to do it, to focus on the parts that matter. But here, Microsoft is comparing screen size – misrepresenting the size of the iPad’s screen is wrong!

          • Exactly Sebastian. They were arguing dimensions then changed the dimensions to suit their argument.

            Point is…they changed the dimensions just like MSFT did. I agree it is a different venue but 100% feel both are the same ______ [fill in your word or Jim’s; lol] for doing it.

      • lucascott

        Could get them in trouble false advertising. Remember the whole ‘laptop hunter’ ad series. In one of them they showed the 15 inch MBP as starting at $1899 and then WWDC hit and Apple dropped the price. But the ad kept running. Apple demanded they pull the ad or be sued.