Where Reuters try not to look like assholes

Apple has operated almost tax-free in Ireland since 1980, welcomed by a government keen to bring jobs to what was then one of Europe’s poorest countries, former company executives and Irish officials have said.

That’s the opening to a Reuters story where they try to convince people they dug up this dirt on Apple. The only problem is that Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer are the ones that revealed this during the senate hearings earlier this week.

Reuters assholes.

  • Crabbit_Git

    When Ireland were desperate for foreign investment during the 80’s they used tax and subsidy relief to entice companies like Apple, and Dell, and Microsoft and IBM to base their European support and fulfillment centers in Ireland.

    Again, I have to go back to Eric Schmidt. If you don’t like how the companies you were desperate to attract to the area are now using the very laws you put in place to get them there in the first place, then change the god damn laws.

    Companies can only influence law, Politicians have the remit to change them.

    Stop whinging and change the laws.

  • Joseph Blake

    And it’s not tax free! They paid taxes on the money in the country where the money was originally earned. I’m not sure why everyone expects companies to pay taxes on money every time it crosses a border. By the time it got to the US there’d be nothing left

    • Timmy

      That’s right, all the subsidiaries have already paid the taxes before the money is transferred to this holding company in Ireland. This can’t be stressed enough. Apple can hold the money in dozens of these subsidiaries but chooses to transfer it to a holding. Apple does have real operations in Cork Ireland; the online store across Europe operates from there and also distribution, and I believe they even have some assembly. The corporate tax from these operations is low, but it has been like that since the 1980’s, so why the outcry?