iPhone 5 TV Ad: Music Every Day


  • Domicinator

    These last couple of ads are incredible. This is a return to form for Apple in the advertising department. And I’m going to throw it out there just for the hell of it: Steve Jobs would have LOVED these ads.

  • Love it. You can see the enjoyment the people are getting from simply going about their day listening to music, or having the world fade into the background and relaxing.

    I might not agree with the choice of earphones, but that’s just my uppity self.

    The music app icon will forever hold the prime spot on my iPhone (bottom right in the dock) and I never leave the house without music.

    • Domicinator

      My music app icon is in the exact same place as yours, and it’s my most used app on my iPhone. I take a train to and from work every day, and I spend a lot of time listening to music. Even when I’m on my iPad, I always have some tunes going too, just to set the mood for my day.

      For me, iTunes Match was the killer app for music. I know people have had their issues with it, but I can’t imagine life without it at this point, especially since switching from ATT to Verizon. A good solid (and blazing fast) internet connection makes iTunes Match work the way it’s supposed to. Steve Jobs’ vision of “your whole music library in your pocket” is now more or less true. Great time to be a music lover.

  • nuttmedia

    From a marketing standpoint, it is interesting to note the proportion of actors/actresses of asian descent and that of locale. On a global scale, it shouldn’t surprise, but given media’s history to gear more towards western identity, it is notable; also perhaps telling of Apple’s view of the demographic opportunity.

    • qka

      I particularly liked the last shot of the fellow on the ferry in the Hong Kong harbor. It’s what shown as the still in the preview.

  • Moeskido

    This is the sort of advertising I love watching, no matter who does it.

  • Jay Martin

    The interesting thing to me is that almost all links I’ve seen to this ad are to the YouTube version (I guess I’m the only one that gets super crappy/choppy/video-audio sync issues with YouTube) rather than link to the far superior version on Apple’s web site.


    Oh – and it is a wonderful ad.

    • gjgustav

      Turn on HTML5 video on YouTube.

      • Jay Martin

        It is unfortunately – still happens. I don’t think YouTube’s particularly consistent delivering content.

  • jason

    ummm where is apple they getting there demographic from i think this is a little false advertising. there are a ton of mp3 players out there ad’s acts like there the only one selling an mp3 players to the world.

  • OneForkShort

    Good ad. It bothers me though that some of the people in the advertisement have their headphones L/R reversed.