OmniPresence is the best way to sync all of your documents across all of your devices. And it works on most web hosts, including OS X Server, which means you can store all of your data yourself.

The folks at The Omni Group are some of the best developers around.

  • “The folks at The Omni Group are some of the best developers around.”

    No, they aren’t. There’s a massive self-serving circle-jerk of insular Mac developers from back in the day… very arrogant and very entitled, and part of the reason they are the way they are is that there are so many sycophants who feed into their delusion– like you and Gruber.

    OmniGroup is not competent enough to solve this problem, which is admittedly a hard problem.

    Looking at their solution, it is obvious it will result in data corruption and problems for customers over time.

    It’s naive at best, and frankly, alarming that people would ship something like this and get praised for it… but of course, praise from people who aren’t developers.

    You’re not a developer, and that’s fine, but don’t pretend you are, and don’t pretend you’re technically competent enough to pass judgement on a product like this.

    It borders on fraud. You’re a fine journalist, but you shot yourself in the foot on this one.


      They are NeXT developers. you were probably born in the 90s so what do you know what they created.

      Did they no hire you. It is true they one hire white teenage nerds. but that is not arrogant.

      Let see you credentials. I can rip you in one second too and much worse.

      • CAugustin

        An ad hominem attack does not defend Omni. Don’t feed the trolls!

        • Yes, anyone with more technical expertise than you is a “troll”…. obviously.

          But I do love the irony of accusing me of ad hominem when calling me a troll…. I mean, especially since you didn’t realize what it says about you.

          • CAugustin

            I edited my reply shortly after I wrote it (removing the troll reference), but those changes did not get thru as it seems. Disqus has its quirks, as it looks …

            So apologies for that, but the style of your post was off. Give solid rational arguments (as you did afterwards) and people will consider them (hopefully).

      • I know they were NeXT developers and that Mike Matas worked there and that Wil Shipley got his start there. (look at what he’s done since, nothing significant, a library app.)

        I am an expert in the syncing problem domain, and I looked at what they did because if it worked it would be useful to me. But it won’t, and the method they chose shows they don’t really understand the problem.

        It’s like someone selling a car, but the transmission uses rubber bands. You tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about the car looks good… I’m telling you that rubber bands won’t handle the torque of the engine. You don’t know enough about cars to know that, so you assume I’m wrong.

    • CAugustin

      Did you test it? Did you analyze their protocols? Can you give prove of your position?

      It looks a little bit like Dropbox, and that one works just fine. So I would give Omni the benefit of the doupt.

      • I’m an engineer, I understand how things work. I looked at their method, and their method is not original, it’s been used before many times and has well known problems.

        Anyone with sufficient expertise in syncing knows this.

        BTW Dropbox works great, most of the time, except when you discover your files suddenly have zero bytes in them.

        • CAugustin

          OK, now it gets interesting. But as long as their solution is better than Apple’s it would be progress.

          I’m a long-time and heavy Dropbox user and only had little problems with it. Not perfect, but no data corruption so far.

  • CAugustin

    What bugs me with Omni’s solution is that they try to solve the problem of the missing “fully synchronized Document Library” on Mac and iOS – and duplicate Dropbox in this process.

    And it does look like some sort of “Documents in iCloud” clone – it makes things worse for the user who then has multiple document repositories to keep track of (the problem we have already with Dropbox and iCloud) …

    On the other hand: A posible solution outside of Apple’s walled garden. Let’s see if it takes off …

  • Timmy

    I’m using OmniPresence with OS X Server local WebDAV. Some documents I like to keep local, and syncing between Mac and iPads works fine. One could use OmniPresence also with other WebDAV services. Would Dropbox be better? Maybe, but at least I can now sync locally.

    • There’s a reason no major services/products use WebDAV.

      • CAugustin

        Then: What reason? I never considered WebDAV seriously, but it was only gut feeling. It would be nice to know what is wrong with WebDAV