14-year-old plays Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption”

Wow. Much respect.

  • Well, now I feel like a shitty guitar player.

  • MrPhotoEd

    Much respect indeed! I second that WOW! with all caps and exclamation point added.

  • BC2009

    Woah. She is awesome.

  • Stacy_C

    Good grief, that was outstanding. I need to, uh, practice.

  • TrowerFan

    Great technician… but technical ability is only 1% of story. I saw no emotion in her face at all, and feeling what you’re playing is the other (more important) 99%.

    • Bah

      Emotion is worthless, which is why most guitar players don’t show any.

    • Lukas

      Not everybody expresses emotion in the same way. So congratulations for being a psychic and figuring out what she’s feeling from looking at her YouTube video. You must be truly exceptional.

    • I’m with you, I’m not feeling it (and the look on her face has nothing to do with it one way or another), but then, I’m not sure I was feeling the original either.

      Getting the technique down takes focus. Once one has the technique down, there is more room for expression.

      • Jack Handy

        Amen – I can’t agree enough with that last line. Showmanship is important, but without technique it’s worthless.

        • Yehat

          Well, one can say the reverse is perfectly valid as well, even more so? We can have even more technical play – a robotic guitar player will do much much better technique, ins’t it? But the soul – we don’t know how to “implement” 😉

    • developIT

      It’s guitar, not interpretive dance.

    • gerrycurry

      Many performance musicians internalize their emotions, then again, many truly lousy musicians are all about emotion… it helps hides their lack of ability.

    • LegalEagle

      So, you closed your eyes and just listened. “No emotion” was clearly evident, right? Clearly she could never do well in an air-guitar contest, and if she couldn’t do well in an air-guitar contest, we should just dismiss her talents? You have to be kidding me

  • VH Fan

    Whoa – nicely done!

  • Ted Ellis

    To be blunt…Holy CRAP! she is good.

  • wow, i can only imagine how she plays when she’s not bored. frickin’ astounding.

  • JDSoCal

    Having seen VH front row in 2008 at Staples, she might actually play it better than EVH after his decades of drinking.

    Only half kidding.

  • JDSoCal

    How Eddie played it live in ’78:


  • Bill

    My 15yo son is in love.

  • John

    Trowerfan has it right. Let’s see the emotion behind the musician.

    • Stacy_C

      Maybe that’s what emotion looks like for her. Or maybe she was nervous about being recorded.

      Kid plays like a boss and somebody will bitch about what they think is missing. Asswipes.