US Senate releases comments on Apple tax avoidance

Reading this will give you a good idea of what’s going to happen tomorrow. It’s going to be messy.

  • Reading that memorandum makes me want to strangle a politician. And yes, I’d say that if this were another company. Even Google.

    Apparently the solution to the budget isn’t coming together across partisan lines to reach a compromise; it’s marching your largest corporate taxpayers into the abattoir and using fallacies and half-truths to justify bleeding them dry any way you can.


    CNBC has sound bite from Senator McCain. Mr. McCain accused Apple of the only company with a subsidiary (Irish) without a country. So Either Senate committee just investigated Apple via NY Times or Apple is trying to change the subject by asking for comprehensive tax reform.

    Also, Apple doesn’t really bribe the politicians so they will go after it hard. Apple will learn the lesson that Microsoft learned in the 90s.

    GEs and Exxons of the world just create loop holes in tax code via couple senators and congressman.

    Apple can’t win this game by claiming righteousness.

    • lucascott

      No but a flat statement of ‘if you have actual proof we have violated any laws then bring it out in a court of law. Otherwise shut up and change the laws‘ is in order.

      They claim Apple is moving money out of the country that was earned in the US, which is why allegedly they have their backs up, but have thus far shown no proof of this or that is is illegal.

  • Crabbit_git

    Morons. Apple has no moral obligation to pay tax other than that set by law.

    Put it this way, would you pay 35% of your earnings if you knew, legally you could pay 15%

  • pawhite524

    Note that not one of these senators accuses Apple of income tax evasion or illegal action just accuses them of avoiding the payment of taxes through the loopholes Congress enacted. What really ticks me off is how other multi-national companies use these loopholes but are not being discussed. And on the subject of not being discussed how about the millions of tax dollars lost to the oil industry to promote drilling?

  • Posturing to maintain the appearance of public service.

  • Slurpy2k12

    The fact that McCain has attached himsel to this does not surprise me. The guy has become a pathetic joke the last few years, and he doesn’t give half a shit about this country. It’s all attention-whoring and being a vindictive prick. This is the guy who brought us Sarah Palin and who can’t shut the fuck up about Benghazi, exploiting the deaths of 3 Americans across the world for political points, when he couldn’t be bothered to put a shred of blame on the last administration for the thousands murdered on our own soil, or the clusterfuck that was Iraq and the thousands of Americans who died there. Oh right, all those Americans died under his party- so they don’t count. Just an example of how this dirtbag doesn’t have a shred of integrity or honesty, every thing he does is for self-promotion, posturing, and using the love of country when it suits him.

    This hearing is gonna be a despicable dog and pony show, these senators are good at what they do. I have no idea why Cook agreed to be involved, its gonna gain that much more publicity because of that, and regardless of the actual facts and whatever positive improvements Cook may put forward, it will be negative PR for Apple as these senators will be sure to do whatever is in their power to ravage Cook and Apple.

    • lucascott

      To your last point, Cook agreed because if he hasn’t it would have leaked out that he refused nd the implication would be that Apple has something to hide