Microsoft Chrome Now Everywhere Parody

Coming soon to Google Glass.

  • If only they offered you a valid alternative, that commercial might actually help them.

  • Good point. Let’s all switch to IE…….Naaaaaaaaaah!

  • As if Microsoft will not make money and monetize us if we move to IE and Bing . Hypocrites of the highest order

  • If only they tagged the ad with “Coming soon to Google Glass.” That would’ve been hilarious!

  • Not bad. I wonder how many people will see this.

  • Good idea for a commercial,

    But the fact that the animation wasn’t in sync with the music drives me nuts.

  • Doctorossi

    Thank god for companies like Microsoft that have no interest in making money from us.

  • Pogo Head

    Firefox + Don’t log in to Google.

  • I love how they timed it so a (legitimate) Google ad appears as they say ads will appear on devices.