Mackie mixers with iPad control

There have been a number of mixers that utilize iOS devices that I never really liked, but this looks promising. It’s the first one I’ve seen that I’d like to try.

  • Joel

    wow, the mixer looks amazing, but that video of the sound guy in the waterfall, umm

  • blaargh86

    This looks like it has the same problem that my alesis IO dock (which I love, btw) has… no way to upgrade it easily to lightning bolt. If you pop an adapter on, the iPad will stick out. So for right now, this only goes up to 3rd gen. Otherwise, this looks pretty cool.

    • Mackie

      We are working on a solution for lightning users that does not involve an adapter. More news soon.

      • G

        Is wireless not reliable/fast enough? I’ve wondered why more pro studio apps don’t use BT or Wi-Fi, and why no one has built a wireless iOS audio interface that can sit near an iPad or iPhone without encumbering it, but still provide quality output.

        • Mackie

          The wireless performance is great. There are two features on our DL mixers which require the iPad to be docked. One is the ability to record a 2-channel mix to the iPad. The other is the ability to stream from the Music app or any other app that supports background audio. Otherwise, all functions are accessible via Wi-Fi and work with all iPads…though performance is not so awesome on 1st gen. BUT, this is because the iPad app is just a control surface and not running audio. All the heavy lifting is done in the mixer.

        • blaargh86

          Just speaking from the standpoint of the IO Dock, wireless works ok, but you do run into latency issues. And every once in a while you get dropped from your wireless, of course during a performance 🙂 The difference here is the usage… for a mixing control surface I think (and Mr. Mackie above seems to agree) that it works great wirelessly. I use the IO dock for triggering samples and get better performance plugged in. I’m really curious to see what they come up with for lightning. I’m upgrading when the next gen iPad comes out and was thinking of taking a soldering iron and frankensteining the dock.