iOS design in the future: Almost flat

This is along the lines of what I would expect in iOS. Not throwing everything away, but more updating and modernizing the interface.

  • Arno A.

    This is exactly what I expect from a redesigned iOS. Moving forward without changing everything that made it unique. All those previous “flat” mockups were really ugly…

  • Jörg

    I don´t like that flat design. And I see no need for a redesign of iOS look. The green messages icon for example, I love the glasslike shinethrough translucent look and the reflections. It´s gorgeous! It´s simply beautiful and part of my iOS experience. A new design won´t be “better”. Just different for the sake of being different or “new”.

    Apple should put all its power in optimizing the functionality instead.

  • Simpler is better, especially if it’s meant to be seen on a handheld-sized screen.