Capping WWDC tickets

Michael Lopp:

The cap on WWDC tickets means it won’t go the way of SXSW – a wildly successful conference that has grown consistently since its inception. I used to go every year until one late night we looked around a huge sea of strangers and decided that we no longer knew this conference. The experience had become diluted. It had become unfamiliar, full of strangers, and unknowable.

There is a lot of truth to that. A lot of people go to WWDC to meet up with old friends — the socializing is just as important as the sessions for many people. Lopp provides some other great insights in the article too.

  • The cap doesn’t mean the conference won’t become a whole lot less appealing to regular attendees. If it keeps getting harder and harder to obtain tickets, old friends may be unable to obtain tickets to go – and a lot of strange unfamiliar faces may be in their place. Clearly this has already been a problem this year hence Apple started phoning up VIP developers and offering them special access to reserved tickets after they had sold out.

    • lucascott

      Check your facts. They didn’t phone up VIPs at all. They phoned the folks that were in the payment queue but the payment timed out. In order to get their payment for the tickets they had confirmed

      And it will always have a limit because the real point is taking to THE engineers and here’s only so many folks they can talk to. That you might see your buddy is secondary in Apple’s motives

      • kibbles

        winner, winner.

        which is why bars were invented.