NYPD can’t arrest topless women

But if they’re carrying a 32-ounce Big Gulp from 7-11, deadly force is authorized.

  • qka

    Topless being legal in New York State is ancient news. NYPD were just the last to understand that the situation changed. They’ve been arresting topless women for years since the situation changed, and have been getting their ass handed to them in the courts for violating the women’s civil rights. NYPD management has finally woken up and is getting the word out to the troops that the times, they have-a changed.

    I used the word “situation”, because this is the result of a court case that was finally settled in the 90s, and not a change of law.


  • lucascott

    Personally I have no issue with it being illegal for woman to be topless. So long as its also illegal for men. I would also like to see it made illegal for any part of the buttocks of either gender to be exposed as well as the garments that were made to cover such area be exposed or the frontal area/garment of either gender from navel to crotch.

    Some will call me a prude but I find it stomach churning to have some babe prancing around with her ass hanging out of her shorts and her wax job for the world to see and equally disgusting for flabby man boobs and beer guts to be out on view and in my face.

    • Perhaps we should legislate against bad taste.

      • lucascott


        (That’s What Would the Dowager Countess Say? You’re on your own to figure it out from there)

  • This might be cool if we were ONLY dealing with adults here, BUT what about your little kids? And what about the women we DON”t want to see topless under any circumstance?

    • Lukas

      Yeah, what about little kids? They must be prevented from ever seeing any breasts! It’s not like they need breasts for food, or anything like that!

      And yes, what about the ugly women? Because womens’ rights are only about ME, and I don’t want to see ugly women!




    • What’s your definition of “we”? Not all of us have your hangups.

      • I guess you’ll be thrilled when guys can walk around with their cocks out.

        • I’ll be happier when you graduate middle school.

    • qka

      The NY State legal case was started by women you probably wouldn’t want to see topless.

      Gotta take the good with the bad.

  • Lukas

    I had no idea that there are places where women are legally prevented from not wearing shirts (except for the Arabic Emirates and such).