Tim Cook talks about Apple’s $100 billion in cash

Tim is setting the record straight and offering new ideas.

  • pawhite524

    I hope, but will not hold my breath, that someone like Tim Cook can find a way to get through to the money sucking members of Congress who believe money earned by the American people and its profitable companies belongs to the government who will give some back to the earners as deductions and variable tax breaks. I see it different. I believe in paying taxes because it does cost money to run a country, state, etc but won’t be happy about it until the tax code can be written as a one to two page document in plain language, not the rumored 22,000 pages of the current US Income Tax Code. I wish I had the answer. Maybe a Federal/state flat tax at some rate much lower than the current rates for businesses and every person above true poverty level and then some kind of Value Added Tax on everything purchased by individuals, companies, universities, churches. Rich people will always spend money and if they all turn into Scrooges then increase their flat tax rate. But let’s get away from this government sponsored myth that what we earn is their’s and they will give us some back if we qualify for the deduction/tax break.