Pixelmator 2.2 tops 500,000 downloads in one week

The Pixelmator Team on Thursday said its latest release, Pixelmator 2.2, topped 500,000 downloads in its first week on the Mac App Store, making it the most successful release in the company’s history.

The previous record for the company, held by Pixelmator 2.1, was 250,000 downloads in two weeks, according to company’s Web site.

To make the success even greater, Pixelmator is now the highest-rated app in the Mac App Store with five stars.

As a long time user of Pixelmator, I’m happy to see the app and the team see so much success.

  • delirus

    Is it downloads (i.e. including updating the app and downloading demo version) or is is 500k purchases? 😉 I think it’s the first, but anyway the number is impressive.

  • I have bought Pixelmator but rarely use it, still resorting to the “What I know” PhotoShop CS5. The move by Adobe leaves me a bit cold in the shoulder to do a monthly payment plan. I really do need to force myself to start using it more so i get used to it.

    One of the things I think that will really make Pixelmator take off would be a Plug-In/Filter API for third party developers to add additional functionality to the program. Take it to the next step and have a built in store (both free and paid) would really be a great way to enhance the program. (Plus, if you make it in a way that it can use PS plug-ins…)

    • albertkinng

      You and many others need to understand that Pixelmator is not Photoshop, it’s funny how a bunch of pixelmator users ask for stuff that are PS only. Pixelmator is another app and it has other features and it works with different filters and FXs. Devs needs to start making filters and add-ons exclusively for Pixelmator. So, relax… And enjoy the appa as it is. I was skeptical at first now I can’t use PS no more.

      • I’m pretty sure I didn’t say that Pixelmator was Photoshop. What I implied was that by making the plug-in architecture compatible with PS plug-ins, that would enable developers of those plug-ins more easily support Pixelmator.

        The program doesn’t have to be 100% feature par with Photoshop, but Photoshop is the king of the hill in photo editing and Pixelmator is gunning for that title, competing against Acorn and Gimp.

        But for those of us who use PS and would prefer not to, getting some of the features that we use would make the transition easier and less painful. Those features don’t need to be built into the core and may very well be handled by a third-party plug-in.

        Finally, with a built-in marketplace, that would allow to Pixelmator team to generate additional revenue that wouldn’t necessitate a raise in prices.

        • albertkinng

          They didn’t want to be king of the hill. Since day one they said they build an app for basic needs and workflows that doesn’t justify paying the Adobe tax so everyone can have access to fix or customize their pictures. Photoshop is not going anywhere. There are people that even mad will be stuck with the Adobe cloud madness because they had spend so much money they can’t go back. I was one of them and one day I say “no more”. Pixelmator will grow eventually but don’t think they will be a PS killer. Pixelmator magic is in Mac OS X resources and even if they want to make a PC version will be a headache pushing people to an especific graphic card. This is an excellent app for photo editing and it will be the tool of many professionals but Photoshop will still be king of the hill. Pixelmator was good in 1.1 today is better but they don’t need to keep pushing otherwise the app will be left in the dark when people really start asking for everything PS has and that’s a nightmare they need to avoid.

  • albertkinng

    cuff Adobe subscription Karma effects cuff I’m sorry what?

  • John David

    I left Photoshop behind a few years ago & find Pixelmator more than adequate in replacing it. I do not miss that bloated beast at all, and apart from the odd Photoshop tool that I used to use that’s not in the app, I’ve found other ways around those areas with Pixelmator.

  • I’m very happy for the Pixelmator team. I’ve been using the app since the 1.0 and—being the graphics n00b that I am—haven’t even begun to use all of its functionality.

    Their latest foray into vector editing could prove to be equally interesting. As of now, I still rely on Adobe Illustrator for all of my vector graphics work (InkScape and Corel don’t cut it), but maybe at some point, I’ll be able to rely solely on Pixelmator.